1. Portrait or landscape operation

  2. Resizable views

  3. Adjustable Dimmer (Night Browsing mode - dims the web views)

  4. Smooth scrolling and resizing

  5. Tap to hold to save images

  6. Tap and hold to open links in the opposite view

  7. Recent sites popup while entering addresses

  8. Switch between 3 windows per "side" by simply swiping the title bar, or by using the "Revealer" button to see all 6 pages

  9. Can maximize windows with zoom buttons in either corner

  10. Watch iPad compatible web video in one window while browsing in the other

  11. Optionally set iPad, iPhone, or Desktop identity for either view - great for bandwidth efficient mobile sites or accessing desktop-only functionality!

  12. Browse in one window while watching a video on an external display (Apple iPad external video cable required).

  13. Ability to remove individual history items for privacy

  14. Basic History and Bookmarks

iPad Dual View Web Browser

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