• Basic web browser with bookmarks - ACTUAL WORKING web browser not just a "fake image"

• Take still photos or record video

• Live, movable, resizable camera view overlaid on top of browser

• Adjustable visibility of camera preview, from fully clear to nearly invisible

• Front and Rear camera support

• SOUND WARNING - red icon appears to remind you that the camera shutter may make a sound

• TILT TO HIDE mode - camera view optionally disappears when you hold your iPad flat, and fades back into view when held upright

• QUICK ESCAPE - Quick button to switch the current web page to Safari

• If you are recording video and you exit the app, it will attempt to save the recording in progress.  However, this should not be relied upon.  Whenever possible, recording should still be stopped manually before exiting the application.

• Watching video on the web and using the camera simultaneously is not supported. If you do play a video, be sure to use the Reset Preview feature to restart the camera when you are finished.

  1. Of course, devices require an active internet connection to browse the web while taking photos!

Please obey all local laws regarding photography.

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